School Recommendations

” From the nursery tots who climbed aboard the storytelling bus to the sophistication of narrative structure explained to our year six girls, John held us all captivated and requests for signed copies of his book were made by many.”

Ms. S.E. O’Shea, Head of English, Maltman’s Green School.

“John Row’s visit was a wonderful climax to our Book Week. Dressed in character he quickly brought the stories alive and engaged the pupils from the first minute. His workshops and presentations to Key stage 2 were of high quality, pupil centred and will certainly help our pupils be more creative in their writing.”

Gilbard Honey-Jones, Headmaster, the British School of Kuala Lumpur to Authors Abroad.

“Just a brief note to say how brilliant John Row was today. A real hero himself performing for all 7 lessons and keeping them all thoroughly involved. Very interesting and enjoyable. He was a very good performer and will be a hard act to follow.”

Sue Rowlatt, Head of English, St. George’s College, Weybridge to Authors Abroad

……His differentiation in storytelling was marvellous, knowing exactly how to cater for the pupils ages, demonstrating how words can be brought to life.  John’s …. enduring, patient manner …was flexible as he assimilated himself into our school’s schedule. By the end of the end he was part of our school community and the pupils’ did not want him to leave.            I would recommend John Row to any school as he clearly has natural way with children and knows how to draw them into the world of fiction. Any school that invites John has made a good investment.”

Felicia Cole, Sacred Heart School, London to Authors Abroad



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