Festivals & Events

Festivating since 1964.

John Row has been storytelling and performing  poetry at festivals and events for nearly fifty years.

His performance skills were honed at the East Anglian , Albion Fairs in the 70′s and 80′s

In the last two years he has appeared at Glastonbury, Cambridge Folk Festival, Beautiful Days, Guilfest, Feast on The Bridge, Just So, Greenpeace, Cropredy, Austin International Poetry Festival, Ipswich Folk and Maritime Festival, Valhalla Festival, Our World, Strawberry Fair, Cosmic Puffin, Brownstock and a few more besides.

At  Cambridge Folk Festival and The Kidz Field at Glastonbury John manages  the storytelling areas.

“Outside the children’s tent [at the Cropredy Festival] was a crowd of kids (up to the age of at least 58) sitting rapt before John Row, a storyteller with a big black hat, a long white beard and eyes as blue as in any story. He was bewitching. As he unwound his tales, layers of stress and bluster fell away and left a crowd of children at a parent’s knee.”

Katy Guest, The Independent

For an incredibly seasoned and adaptable performer at your festival ring 07803751330 or email john@johnrow.co.uk