Declaration of Independence

For writers under pressure all over the world. ‘Declaration of Independence’.

Declaration of Independence

Because we attack dogma

Question preconception

And conjure with suppressed images

Some would have us dead or in prison.

But we

Scribes and scribblers

Not being ashamed of our own weaknesses

Pry into the corners of the mind

Poke into the cracks of civilization

Will not mask the truth with a veil

Woven from the cloth of cliché

Do not look to presidents and ministers

Bishops and mullahs

For confirmation of our worth


Despite the hurricane

To the edge of the precipice in search of knowledge

And fail to be disappointed

When all we find is confusion.

We take our politics to the bedroom

And our bedroom to the hustings

Cannot separate the first swallow of spring

From the battles it flew over

And the corpses about which it knew nothing

Accept the tragedy

We will probably

Never live up to the vision we create

For others to do with as they will.


Like all children

Have no interest in the aspirations of our mentors

But stand in defence of our right

To rediscover the world

In our own language.

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