Fair Share

Digging through the notebooks again ‘Fair Share’

Fair Share

You, me all of us

Being the sum of all of our pasts,

Peasant and nomad

Soldier and merchant

Mother and seamstress

Queen and chieftain

Are responsible for nothing

Except our own knowledge

And what we do with it.

We have all bought and sold each other

In the United Nations in 1950

In the Dahomey Empire in 1750

In the mines of Nottinghamshire in 1984

In Iraq, Cairo, Beijing, Timbuktu, New Orleans,

Mexico City, London, Paris, Lisbon and Liverpool.

Isn’t it time we simply closed the market place

And simply shared the spoils of our histories?

Parents know the way

And I defy any to say

They have not

In times of exasperation shouted

“I don’t care how it started

And who had what first

All of you must divide equally

What you have got



But we are orphans and must learn this ourselves

And it seems only fair

To leave those with least

In charge of the measure.

My only wish

Is when we

With our bellies full and our automobiles

Point out “all is not always as it appears”

We should sometimes be listened to

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