Digging through old notebooks I found this ditty ‘The No Excuses Blues’

The No Excuses Blues

Woke up this morning

Turned on the news

Thought man

I’ve got those no excuses blues.

I’m walking free

My children eat

Got somewhere to live

Stand on my own two feet

No hurricane, no earthquake

No volcano, no typhoon

No river water two feet deep

Fast flowing through my front room

I got it easy

I’m coasting

I’m riding the crest of a wave

Unlikely to go hungry

From my cradle to my grave

Famine’s a word in a textbook

War’s something I see on a screen

Prison’s a place that I visit

A wage slave is something I’ve been

I don’t even have a habit

There’s no monkey on my back

I’m self employed

I’m overjoyed

There’s only me

Who can give me the sack

So I haven’t got any excuses

Though my bills rarely get paid

And I’m having trouble with the mortgage

For sometimes being afraid

To pick up the phone in the daytime

Or feeling I need some place to hide


I’d be begging to go on the numbers

If the out became the inside.

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